Operational Security

Organizations face a constant stream of attacks from a variety of sources ranging from low-skilled to advanced, state-backed threat actors. While there is never any shortage of attack surface for these threats to exploit, security operations is where skilled professionals are needed in order to identify these attacks as early as possible in the attack life cycle in order to limit an impact.
Cyberscope’s operational security solutions include:
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence - Our efforts help our customers identify and mitigate advanced state-backed actors at the early stages of the attack cycle.
  • Incident Detection and Response - We can assist in ensuring your organization has coverage for detection on an on-going basis, and we can help maximize the effectiveness of your detection teams by ensuring the right blend of resources across shifts as well as definition of specific tasking and duties. We provide on-call support in the event that a breach has occurred including both on-site support from a "jump team" or forensic investigation services. Our services include:
    • SIEM Deployment and Management
    • Incident response focused on containment, eradication, and recovery
    • Forensic analysis
    • Threat hunt training or on-site support
  • Insider Threat Prevention and Detection - Cyberscope can establish an Insider Threat Program to protect their most valuable assets, sensitive and classified data from unauthorized disclosure.

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